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Become a Referral Partner

Referral Partners are a select group of vendors that work with BleuCRM and focus on identifying and generating new leads and customer recommendations for BleuCRM. Being a BleuCRM reference partner is absolutely simple: send us guides; if we close them, you earn 15% of sales. You have no responsibility for sales or ongoing support.

We are always looking for referral partners who will be strong long-term partners for unique and exciting technology products based on the BleuCRM engine.

Become a Sales Partner

Sales partners are a selected group of vendors that work with BleuCRM and with an existing BleuCRM Full Service Partner. This form of partnership offers the freedom to sell, even if you do not have the internal ability to support the application.

Being a BleuCRM sales partner is absolutely simple: you maintain a relationship with the customer. Make sales and earn 20% of all sales. Support can be handled directly by a full service partner or with you as a full partner.

Become a Full-Service Partner

Full-service partners are partners who sell and support BleuCRM solutions: through the BleuCRM cloud, in the partner hosting cloud and in customer premises. It is easy to become a BleuCRM partner for a complete service – you maintain a relationship with customers.

Make sales and earn between 25% and 33% of all sales. You process direct customer support requests, using BleuCRM technical support staff as your backup resources. Of the five types of BleuCRM partners, a full-service partnership is most important for the further development of the BleuCRM business model.

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